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Meganoob: uh you are green until I can get the time to rebuild the database, it seems the email aspect was just the tip...
03-10-2012 11:31:pm
--Riddick--: PM gave me an error, too. Did you get my message, Mega?
01-10-2012 10:44:pm
TorN: W00t!
27-09-2012 3:03:pm
--Riddick--: We're back!
26-09-2012 11:31:am
Meganoob: sorry about the outage. It was dns updates that should have been done days ago
25-09-2012 11:12:pm
TorN: What's your dirty little secrets you're sending Mega?
10-09-2012 4:10:pm
zypher: yeah i tried sending it multiple times cause i thought it didnt go through..... fail it gave me a error every time
03-09-2012 7:06:pm
Meganoob: I dont know why it's not showing for you but I got all 6 of them
03-09-2012 5:47:pm
zypher: why*
03-09-2012 4:04:pm
zypher: mega what cant i send you a pm ;(
03-09-2012 4:04:pm
--Riddick--: Sigh. I miss Turbo. No offense Josie, I missed you too:(.
01-09-2012 9:37:pm
Meganoob: that is correct. Jill = turbo
01-09-2012 5:29:pm
TorN: Josette = Marisa right? Or was it Turbo?
01-09-2012 2:44:pm
TorN: Yeah I really loved the car. I hate myself so much for doing it. Just 0.5 second lacking attention and a big part of your money can fly away just like that.
31-08-2012 6:03:pm
Meganoob: glad you are ok Torn, sucks about the car though. =(
29-08-2012 11:20:pm
--Riddick--: That sucks, Torn:(.
26-08-2012 10:16:am
TorN: I went to see System of a Down. Downside is it costed me a vehicle repair.
24-08-2012 6:33:pm
Meganoob: It's great seeing you around Joss! I'm thrilled to see you on this part of the internet.
20-08-2012 10:56:pm
Skapocalypse: Nah I haven't been to a good show in a long while I should though. Life's to busy nowadays.
18-08-2012 9:46:pm
JosetteCollins: Hey skap, I've been seeing Leftover Crack play crazy shows in the city. I assume you're goin!
18-08-2012 9:30:pm
Skapocalypse: Look who shows up out of the blue
18-08-2012 5:25:pm
JosetteCollins: i havent played quake 3 in so long but if I came back today i'd still kick pr0megas ass
18-08-2012 4:31:pm
JosetteCollins: i wanna make love to you all
18-08-2012 4:29:pm
Meganoob: I think you won the internets.
09-08-2012 10:43:pm
K!kyo: Lol, guess no one looks at the arcade anymore.. xD
06-08-2012 4:49:pm
--Riddick--: I don't even remember anybody from VzX.
09-07-2012 8:05:am
.Ice.: first of all :rofl: at megas diablo 3 comment.. and second.. did I see someone say somethin about VzX?? werent they all closet homosexuals?
09-07-2012 7:47:am
Meganoob: hope you all are in a cool spot this weekend, tiz toasty out there.
07-07-2012 7:50:pm
K!kyo: Heya Elmo. Also, Happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA!
04-07-2012 11:31:am
-eLm0-: hi
29-06-2012 12:33:pm
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