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JosetteCollins: What up y'all.
24-08-2023 11:18:pm
mininoob: omg my account still work XD
28-12-2022 9:57:am
Society: Much love
06-08-2022 1:23:am
Meganoob: Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2022 is an amazing year for you all. Stay healthy and be well!
10-01-2022 1:14:pm
Railed: Whatsup yall. I hope everyone is doing alright despite the whole COVID situation:) I am reflecting a lot on my past last weeks and Quake 3 was a big part of my child hood lets say. I checked all my old post from 2006(when i was 13 years old and oh boy I am embarrassed.. A drama queen is an understatement for my behaviour. Anyways I'm glad o2o site is still up to keep the old community up. I will always have big love for Quake3 and everyone who I played with back in the good old days.... Keep ya head up
24-12-2021 4:45:pm
ThEOLdGuY: just downloaded q3 again..wish me luck
09-10-2021 4:11:pm
ThEOLdGuY: I think I have the old config.
09-10-2021 3:43:pm
N!ke: Wow I remembered my password! I saw a Reddit post about long lost gamers and thinking about what they are up to and immediately thought of you guys. I moved on from Quake (although wouldn't mind playing with some friends) but if anyone wants to party up on some Battlefield games hit me up on Discord Dubski#4304
08-10-2021 1:24:pm
JosetteCollins: o2o needs to make a resurgence on quake remastered
01-10-2021 6:56:pm
SenaToR: Thanks the Mega for giving access to this relic! Anyone would like to setup a match? =)
08-09-2021 3:46:pm
Meganoob: haha yep, I have the last config that we ran for the server. I wish i had the super old demo configs still -_-
06-09-2021 12:37:pm
ReBorn: wow some names here i still remember! wish quake 3 1.16n was still going strong would love a game of freeze tag see if i still have any sklill left haha. do any of use still play?
06-09-2021 7:57:am
ThEOLdGuY: wow a q3 server nice I will try it out.
04-09-2021 4:43:pm
ThEOLdGuY: sup everyone
04-09-2021 4:40:pm
30-08-2021 6:42:am
-eLm0-: :O
14-04-2021 6:19:pm
Meganoob: Hello guys, we got a new webserver location, Thanks Mav for the upgrade!
10-12-2020 2:05:pm
legion: It's been a long time. Hope you guys are well. I'm using a blog software called Ghost and I just keep entering in Noghost every time I need to open it. Miss this!
05-10-2020 6:08:pm
K!kyo: Holy crap guys. I can complete all of nightmare on xcm_tricks2. Never thought I would see the day that that was possible. xD
07-08-2020 10:29:pm
turgon: good to see this still up and running
07-05-2020 10:40:pm
vicious: Omfg, prince ! How's it been man.. long time no see
06-05-2020 10:25:am
twisted: Yesss B1tches im still alive
01-05-2020 1:17:pm
Pirate: Arr hi
15-04-2020 4:23:pm
ThEOLdGuY: Beware The COVID-19 friends.
01-04-2020 5:21:am
18-03-2020 9:53:am
Meganoob: sorry I just got back from vacation, I pretty sure the issue is resolved
10-03-2020 6:48:pm
K!kyo: Yeah I got the same thing. At least it still works.
06-03-2020 1:19:am
ReAper: Getting a debug error whenever i try to post
05-03-2020 2:04:pm
Prince: Hola People
16-02-2020 9:31:pm
sLush: Steam = aQ bLuRy-
01-02-2020 8:40:am
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