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ReAper: once im up and running hit me up on steam for a game or two - my account is 'infntnub'
17-01-2017 8:03:am
ReAper: and does it run on Windows 10?
17-01-2017 8:02:am
ReAper: I'm not paying for it.. lheh
17-01-2017 8:02:am
ReAper: what's the best way to get Q3 free? I see it's on the steam market since Quake Live went steam I guess
17-01-2017 8:02:am
ReAper: Lol, no worries.
17-01-2017 8:01:am
Meganoob: haha dam, I was moving at the time and didnt have a computer with me. I should start checking on my cell more often xD
16-01-2017 5:30:am
ReAper: I share the link with him .. and nothing. HaHa.
15-01-2017 10:40:am
ReAper: Lol thanks Mega.. I was talking with elmo on steam last week and told him people still post here.
15-01-2017 10:40:am
Meganoob: 8 days of downtime, Happy new year. heh
10-01-2017 11:06:pm
Meganoob: oh heh, sorry about that folks, a little cache corruption.
10-01-2017 10:41:pm
ReAper: omg -- just notice amaze posted! wassup?!?!?!
28-12-2016 6:47:am
ReAper: Although I do still have all the backup cfg files on a flash drive
27-12-2016 2:26:pm
ReAper: I don't have q3 installed anymore
27-12-2016 2:25:pm
Beast.: YA REAP! Get Your ass inside the arena one more time =)
24-12-2016 5:31:pm
Beast.: sup amAze! was great to see You in the arena once again
24-12-2016 5:29:pm
amAze: ooh tf2.. but i just have q3 on linux just one game reap :D?
24-12-2016 5:01:pm
ReAper: I'm available to catch games every night - just download TF2 on Steam
18-12-2016 11:05:am
ThEOLdGuY: Yes, ggs Mega, Hopefully other will find the time this holiday to catch some games with us.
17-12-2016 11:50:pm
Meganoob: GGz today ToG, loooking forward to seeing the rest of you around!
16-12-2016 10:02:pm
Beast.: So who is downloading Q3A to catch a few games with me, K!kyo, ToG and Meganoob during the holidays?
16-12-2016 3:41:pm
K!kyo: His brokanese was good.
09-12-2016 9:22:pm
06-12-2016 1:57:pm
ReAper: Sup Beast - I actually never had much trouble understanding you lol...
06-12-2016 1:51:pm
ReAper: Torn - I'll pass on the OVW invite. I'm too busy being obsessed with TF2 and KF2.
06-12-2016 1:51:pm
Beast.: God damn dude! Tripping down the memory lane reading old threads and I couldn't believe how bad my English was back then, haha!! Must've been real difficult to understand me at times, wasn't it?
05-12-2016 3:33:pm
Beast.: Hello there!
05-12-2016 3:02:pm
--Riddick--: Hi Torn.
02-12-2016 9:55:pm
TorN: I'll take you Mega! Any of you sexy old schoolers enjoy Overwatch as well?
01-12-2016 3:54:pm
ReAper: Sorry Mega, I can't talk right now... too busy building this wall.
29-11-2016 7:33:am
ThEOLdGuY: Nice one, sure !
24-11-2016 8:25:am
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